Strings N Skins


Strings N Skins  celebrates their Caribbean, Latin American and African  heritage through the dynamic and explosive blend of  the violin and the djembe. The band was  founded in Brooklyn, New York in 2015 by vocalist and percussionist Okai and Latin Grammy Award Winner violinist Luisa Bastidas. 

Luisa Bastidas was born in Cali, Colombia and moved to New York City with her parents  when she was just  11 years old. She tells her story of  the challenges  of adapting to a new culture while maintaining and growing her native culture at the same time. Okai was born in Brooklyn, New York  and both of his parents are  Haitian. He tells his story of the importance of learning about  ancestry  and representing proudly even if its  from far away.

Strings N Skins is not your average band. SnS is a  band not just happy, it is  also intense, irreverent, and  empowered. Their purpose is that by educating our minds and embracing our roots we can take control and live with dignity and love.

Let the music speak.


Strings N Skins (Cuerdas y cueros) es una banda nacida en Brooklyn, Nueva York con explosiva mistura del sensual canto del violín y el pulso rústico del tambor Africano. La banda expresa la fusión de mundos, lo clásico y lo popular, lo tradicional y lo urbano, tomando los ingredientes más interesantes de cada uno de ellos para crear una textura de sonido distinta que viaja y se aventura por toda la diáspora Africana en las Américas. Strings N Skins fue fundada por el cantante y percusionista Okai y la violinista, bailarina y cantante Luisa Bastidas. Luisa, oriunda de Cali, Colombia inyecta al grupo con sus influencias de currulao, cumbia y salsa y Okai, nacido y criado en Brooklyn de familia Haitiana aporta el condimento caribeño de kompa, soca y hip hop. A través de su música, danza y letras, Strings N Skins expresa su mensaje de unidad entre los pueblos y culturas.


Strings N Skins te pone a bailar!!!!!



  • Oct 20 Sat

    04:00 PM

    Manhattan Country School

  • Oct 21 Sun

    11:00 PM


    81 S 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA

  • Sep 09 Sun

    04:00 PM

    Second Sundays @ Bunna Cafe

    1084 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn NY 11206

  • Sep 15 Sat

    04:00 PM

    People's garden

    1237 Greene Avenue Brooklyn New York 

  • Sep 19 Wed

    08:00 PM

    Our Wicked Lady

    Our Wicked Lady - 153 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn NY 11237

  • Oct 05 Fri

    10:00 PM

    Soul In the Horn *FREE*

    Diviera Drive (131 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11249)

  • Oct 11 Thu

    11:30 PM

    Le Bain

    The Standard, High Line, 848 Washington St, New York, NY 10014

  • Oct 13 Sat

    08:00 PM

    ManhattanVille College Purchase NY

    ManhattanVille College

  • Oct 14 Sun

    09:00 PM

    Bunna Cafe *Free*

    Bunna Cafe 

  • Oct 18 Thu

    08:00 PM

    Come on Everybody (opening for SheShe)

    325 Franklin Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11238

  • Oct 19 Fri

    08:00 PM

    The People's forum

    320 W 37th St, New York, NY 10018, USA


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